B Championship

“Do ye have a hurling team in Westmeath?” University is funny. You meet all kinds of people. Some of them ask you condescending questions like so. I’m not sure whether they’re ignorant, naïve, arrogant or just blatantly stupid. If I’m honest, I don’t care. Each reason irritates me as much as the next. Coming from … Continue reading B Championship


“The brain doesn’t hear sound or see light. What we perceive is its best guess at what’s out there in the world.” – Anil Seth So, without our brains, what are we? Are we anything? Is everything just a mere projecti….. No let’s just relax there Alan Watts 2.0. Our brain does control everything we … Continue reading Concussion

Warrior Mentality

“All warriors are winners but not all winners are warriors.” https://playerdevelopmentproject.com/path-excellence-developing-warriors-not-winners/ I’m a massive sporting person, I love watching and being involved in it. With working in the environment I’m currently in, it’s safe to say I’m learning quite a bit about what makes a professional a professional. Ireland, as much as some may disagree … Continue reading Warrior Mentality

Exam Season

  If you’re ever looking to witness the raw beauty of Ireland, I’d recommend visiting around May/June. A 19⁰C snapchat filter? Surely not? There are very few certainties in life. Life itself, death, the sun rising, the sun setting. And of course, sunshine during exam season in Ireland. For a number of places in the … Continue reading Exam Season